Personal Introduction

Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I (Thaddeus) am a Christian evangelist and apologist dedicated to using intellectual arguments to bring the Gospel to all people, but especially to Muslims. I have been my churcstudying Christian apologetics since I was saved more than 20 years ago. I am naturally a very introverted person and thus my involvement was entirely informal. I would use apologetics in conversation with friends and such, but never imagined becoming a public figure or launching a ministry.

About four years ago, I was introduced to Islam in a significant way. Certainly, I knew the basics of the faith and even specific arguments against it, but had no particular interest in the religion. As a Christian, I was always especially interested in the historical argument for Christianity. Most religions are not grounded in history, but rather in spiritual ideas. Where and why Buddhism was founded, makes little difference to the truth of religion for example. In contrast, the truth of Christianity is entirely dependent on whether Jesus rose from the dead or not. This means Christianity can in principle be proven historically, but also that it can be proven false. Islam shares this trait, as if Muhammad was not the "last prophet" and founder of the religion, it cannot be true. Realizing this, I quickly became very interested in studying the religion.

During my investigations, I ended up befriending a Christian YouTuber. I mentioned to him I was giving an apologetics lecture at my church (for a dozen people) and he suggested I put it up on YouTube. After some praying and thinking, I decided to go ahead and upload it, and Reasoned Answers was launched. I had no grand plan, nor any intention to talk about Islam, but the Lord had plans where I did not. The channel began to grow and God slowly worked on me. I started talking about Islam and little by little I began to realize just how much ministry to Muslims is needed. Eventually, I came to realize that this is my life's calling, but not before taking a break from YouTube.

Why this page?

I have now been talking about Christianity and Islam on YouTube for a little over three years. For the first two years, I approached things very casually. Again, I had no grand plans and feeling things out. I would simply make a video on whatever subject I felt like covering. Around the two-year mark, I took some time off. There was no particular reason for that; life simply got in the way. I got out of the habit of making videos and a month break turned two, then three, then six. People started asking me if I would ever make another video. I didn't know the answer, but the Lord kept calling me and eventually I made the commitment to return.

This time around, I have been much more intentional about how I did things. I now think about what will best benefit the Kingdom, not just what I feel like doing. I have talked with ex-Muslims and asked them how to best reach people. I have thought ahead and not just done things randomly. I have researched how to make better videos, how to make more persuasive presentations, and how to better engage audiences. The results have been fantastic. Reasoned Answers is growing, momentum is building, YouTube metrics show impact is steadily increasing, and most importantly Muslims are taking notice. Since returning I have personally seen Muslims come to Christ through my ministry!

In the process, I have come to realize that this is what the Lord has called me to. I am the last person who one would ever imagine becoming an evangelist, let alone a public speaker or YouTuber. I am shy, introverted, have trouble talking to people, and am far more comfortable writing than speaking. All I can say is God uses the weak and powerless so that He gets the glory, that and that he has a sense of humor. I would have never picked this calling for myself, but I am certain the Lord has given it to me none-the-less.

Shortly after I returned to YouTube, I began to pray "Lord, I don't know what you have in mind for me, but I am ready to serve you wherever that leads, whatever the cost may be." I was invited to attend a monthly fellowship of Christian Youtubers and then later another. In the same week, both conversations at both fellowships put on my heart more than ever how big the need is, but also how much power there is in small things backed by prayer made in line with God's will. I was feeling that we need to be working together, building something truly special, making a bigger impact for the Kingdom than any of us could ever do alone. I went to the Lord in prayer, "Should I be working towards making this a real ministry, a full-time endeavor and not just a hobby? This isn't what I planned, but if it is what you will, I am ready to follow, just give me a sign." That week, two people independently emailed me to offer to help the ministry. In more than three years, the two most serious offers for help arrived in my email in the same week that I prayed for a sign. This could be no coincidence; I had my sign.

After talking with one of the people offering help, I decided to make this website as a vision statement and proposal for funding. Although I did set up a Patreon account upon request, I have never really asked people for donations. What money that did come in has never been withdrawn and mostly has been passed on to other ministries. But, if I am to make this into a fulltime mission, I will need your financial support. I ask that you read through my plans, my vision for this ministry and ask God how he wants you to support Reasoned Answers.

A Vision of the Future in Light of the Past

For thirteen centuries the House of Islam, the term Muslims use to describe Muslim majority lands, faced little chance of outside religious influence. There were exceptions, of course, but most Muslims could live their entire lives without coming in contact with a single Christian or a single argument against the truth of Islam. It was just taken for granted that Islam was true. This is no longer the case.

Meanwhile, in the Christian world academics began to scrutinize the Bible and traditional accounts of Christianity's origins in the 18th and 19th centuries. Late in the 19th century, the theories being proposed and discoveries being made began to filter down to the public. The Church was not prepared and had little response to offer. Doubts began immediately, but the effects would not fully be felt for another century, eventually leading to the rise of atheism in the 20th century.

On the other hand, the 19th century also saw the rise of foreign missions and the bringing of the Gospel to new lands in unprecedented ways. For the first time, missionaries entered even Muslim lands. The results were spectacular in many places, but progress was slow in the House of Islam. Still, Indonesia provided the first evidence that Muslims could be won for Christ, a mass movement of 10,000 or more true converts in a short period.

The Church wasn't ready for academic scrutiny in the 19th century, but Christianity has stood up to the scrutiny. The theories of 19th century have largely been abandoned, as the evidence has shown the late dates and disparate origins of the New Testament texts originally proposed to be impossible. The rise of apologetics has answered the intellectual questions and top debaters regularly beat atheists on substance. The battle is far from over, but the grounds are shifting - atheists no longer claim Christianity is false as their top objection, but rather question truth itself, saying everything is subjective, while also claiming Christianity is immoral.

Meanwhile, in recent years, Islam has begun to face the same kind of intellectual scrutiny Christianity faced two centuries ago for the first time. The world moves a lot faster today than it did back then and the scrutiny is reaching the public in all but the most closed-off societies. Muslims are leaving Islam, and will continue to do so in ever greater numbers. Pandora's box has been opened and the Internet is the great curse upon Islam that ensures it can never be closed. If Christianity suffered despite having truth on its side, how much more will Islam be unable to respond with no truth behind it?

Islam is going to collapse. It is inevitable. Islam can only survive in an atmosphere of ignorance and lack of alternatives, and that is no longer possible. The only question is, will the House of Islam become functional atheist ("cultural Muslims") or will Christian evangelists be there to provide an alternative? We are facing the single greatest opportunity for evangelism since the Church exploded in the first three centuries under the leadership and legacy of the disciples. We can now reach more people in a single livestream than a traditional missionary could reach in a year. Furthermore, there are more people looking for religious answers than ever before; no longer do people just stay in the same religion from the day they are born to the day they die without ever questioning its truth.

I, for one, intended to take advantage of this opportunity. I will be doing everything in my power to ensure the jihadi violence ends in Africa, that Iran becomes the first "formerly Islamic" nation, and that Christianity returns to the place of its birth. But how do we do that? Not with swords and bombs, but with the proverbial power of the pen, or should I say video. We will win one soul at time, convincing people with better arguments, better understanding of how to reach people, and better strategy to get us there. The battle will be fought and won one person at a time, but battles are won in the strategy room; they are won with superior planning.

The Gameplan

A couple years ago, David Wood spoke of building an apologetics empire. At the start of June, he announced he would be closing his channel to start making that vision a reality. My own plans (including this document) were already in the works. We are independent, and hopefully soon collaboratively, on the same path. That is a good sign. The Lord is working - He has a plan, and we need to be ready to adapt to where he takes us. But, He also wants us to play a role; He wants us to use our brains and work for His Kingdom using the gifts He has given. To one he gives ten talents, to another five, and another one. It is not what you've been given, but how you use it that counts. I view myself as a ten talent recipient. I have been blessed with a privileged background, a loving family, gainful employment, and yes, intellectual talents. I live in a peaceful society where I am free to proclaim Christianity and criticize Islam, with only the "threat" being people laughing at me and calling me names. I say all this not in boast, but in acknowledge of the debt I owe. To whom much is given, much is expected. Thus, I want to take the time to outline some of my specific plans, knowing ultimately the Lord may take things another direction.

First, I want to spend the next 6 months to 1 year building up financial support. I want to find people who are called to regularly support the ministry with donation, so that its survival is not dependent on the whims of YouTube. (Specifics on support options below.) I have a nice, well-paying job and no great desire to quit it. No desire, that is, except for my desire to pour every possible minute into ministry. The goal would be to release at least one scripted video a week, and livestream up to five days a week. Specifically, I'd like to do a "through the Bible in one year" type series focused on apologetics issues. This is simply not possible to do while also holding a full-time job.

Second, I want to build a categorized directory of Christian YouTubers that is regularly updated by marking people inactive and adding new faces. Real ministries are not in competition, as we are all working for the same goal. As J. Warner Wallace has said, we don't need a new million-dollar apologist; we need a million one dollar apologists. We are one body, and together we are far stronger, and less subject to fall, than any one is on their own. I have already started work on this.

Related, I want to build a master schedule of livestreams. How awesome would it be if anyone at any time could look at one list and know where to go to get their question answered, or at least get pointed in the right direction, right that moment? At the very least, such a schedule would allow people to be more efficient - not scheduling at the same time as others ensuring a largely potential live audience for each person individually.

Third (or is it Fourth), I want to build a free - both in cost and license - Christian information resource. That is, what is commonly called a "Bible Dictionary," but more properly is described as an encyclopedia. I want to (collaboratively) build the largest collection of answers to apologetic questions, Biblical commentary, theology, spiritual resources, and so forth, that can not only be accessed for free, but also freely printed, shared, and taught. Think "Wikipedia for Christianity." I actually started on this project a number of years ago, so there is a basic foundation underway, an even a launch plan, but also much work to be done to make the vision a reality. (I also was an administrator on Wikipedia for many years, and wrote hundreds of articles so I do have a good idea all what this entails.)

On a relatively minor point, I plan to file the paperwork to make Reasoned Answers a proper 501(3)(c) non-profit charity. This is a long and somewhat expensive process, but also brings many benefits. It means donations would be tax deductible for U.S. citizens and gives access to numerous corporate benefits. For example, Google gives credits for Google ads (which includes YouTube ads) and doesn't take a cut out of donations collected (unlike normal superchats where they take a significant cut). Regardless of tax status, all inflows and outflows will be publically documented so you, as a donor, know exactly where your funds are going.

Finally, I thought I would provide a sampling of video ideas, in no particular order, I have but haven't had the time to bring to fruition. I started a series of Muslim Movement to Christ that has three videos so far. The complete series is around 10 videos, but I haven't had a chance to get back to it for a while. I also started a series on understanding "contradictions" in the Bible which I would like to eventually complete. A brand-new area of inquiry that no one is doing on YouTube is what I am calling "14 centuries of bid'ah (innovation)." This will look at how modern Muslim beliefs are not based on teaching of Muhammad, but rather developed slowly over time, primarily in response to Christian polemics against Islam. I want to talk about the "weird laws" and violence that the Old Testament seems to support and how we understand them in light of the complete Biblical narrative. I have a specific, humorous idea of how to address the silly "Jesus prayed like a Muslim" meme. I want to do more videos tackling "scientific miracles," which while not well watched by Christians are super important to Muslim beliefs. I want to look at the real history of colonialism and the crusades - there were, no doubt, many abuses that took place, but the real pictures are quite a bit more complicated than "Christians bad." I also have around a dozen embarrassing Muslim admissions (on video) that I want to do videos on, and plan to do responses to specific Muslim arguments both contemporary and historical. And that's just a sampling of my to-do list. Regular contributors Lloyd, Mary, and ASK Truth have much on their plates as well. There is no shortage of ideas, just shortage of time to make them happen.

Call to Action

In order to make my vision a reality, I will need your help. As such, I'd like to ask you to do something crazy and pledge your monthly support of any amount to my ministry. Videos don't record themselves; websites don't write themselves; and collaboration doesn't plan itself. Everything I want to do takes time, but if there is one thing we are all short of in the modern world it is time. I currently work a conventional job 40 hours most weeks and pursue unconventional sources of income an additional 20+ hours a week. Your support will allow me to cut back on those activities and put more time into the mission.

The support someone financially implies a lot of trust in what they are doing, and means forsaking something else you might want, and I fully understand that. In exchange for your trust, I offer the assurance your funds will go towards spreading the Gospel and the transparency to back that up. Starting this month, every dollar coming in and every dollar going out will be documented and posted publicly for all to see.

By far, the main benefit of donating is that the Gospel is preached, but there are also some material benefits to show my appreciation. All donors giving any amount will receive early access to future videos ad free. You will also receive a monthly newsletter detailing the progress being made by Reasoned Answers. If everyone who regularly watched my videos donated $1/month, all of my funding needs would be met. Of course, that will never happen, so I have some additional benefits for those who are able and willing to donate a larger amount.

For $5/month (or equivalent), you will get access to my scripts before videos are recorded, and the opportunity to provide feedback in advance. Thus, you will have to opportunity to not just watch, but shape the content being produced.

I will host a quarterly strategic planning meeting/supporter hangout. For $10/month, you will be given the chance to participate in this meeting and shape the long-term plans of Reasoned Answers. You will help decide what topics should be covered, what guests should be invited on, and what my top priorities should be. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to ask any theological or apologetical questions you may have in a private setting.

Finally, I am looking for a few special people who have been blessed by God and want to pledge $50/month. I realize this is a substantial chunk of cash for most people and certainly is not for everyone. In exchange for your commitment, you will receive my personal contact information and I'll make myself available for private 1-on-1 conversations upon request. Additionally, I will commit to doing one video topic per month entirely of your choosing.

If you are called to give, please head over to my Patreon page and select your monthly pledge. (A one time gift can also be given by subscribing for a month and immediately cancelling thereafter. Committed monthly giving allows me to better plan, but all donations are appreciated.) If you would like alternate way to give, please email me at

Final Thoughts

I do not make this request lightly. When I began speaking publicly about my faith, I never imagined asking for donations. I did not want to give even the slightest impression that I am motivated by anything but the Gospel itself. However, accusations of ulterior motives come regardless of what one does, and the reality is funding really does make a difference. It is arguably irresponsible to insist on paying my own way when other members of the body might be called to give financially instead of taking a more visible role.

That said, I know that not everyone is able or willing to donate. I want to be clear - the Gospel is free and all content I produce will always be free as well. No one will be missing out on any content by not giving. The opportunity is offered for those who are called to support financially and to play a direct role in shaping this ministry. If that is you, welcome aboard. If it is not, your prayers for me and my ministry will suffice.

Thanks for your consideration, and God bless.